Promoting visibility for bisexual people

About is the website for a national organisation of people and initiatives with the purpose of highlighting bisexual lives and experience to the wider world. Bivisible provides resources to local bi meet up groups, promotes a bisexual club night called Greedy running in Bristol and London, provides training and consultancy services and knowledgeable voices for comment on bi issues in the press or in consultation exercises.

The aims of Bivisible are:

  • to be an online resource for individual bi people
  • to be a resource for local bi support groups
  • to highlight bisexual lives to the wider world
  • to dispel common myths about bisexuality
  • to improve mental and physical health outcomes for bi people is maintained by Jessica Burton, original founder of support group Bivisible Bristol and Bristol-based Greedy. She been a bi activist for several years as well as a feminist activist and menstrual educator. Her work with the local support group and both national and international bisexual organisations gives her an excellent overview of bisexual life and experience, from the personal to the global. Jessica is available for comment, please contact