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Greedy November –  The Pendulum

London’s night for all things bisexual, fluid and boundary-crossing is back in November with the theme: The Pendulum. Ever felt like your swing goes more than one way? Greedy is the night for you!

What we are:
Greedy is a bisexual club night where all are welcome, whether you identify as bi, use some other word (such as pansexual, fluid, flexible, curious etc.),
are gender-fluid/trans*/androgynous/gernderqueer/no gender or identify as straight/gay/no label and just want to have a good time. We love the bis & ALL our allies!

Music policy:
Femme-supremacist pop/dance/punk/hip-hop/riot! from our very talented and amazing DJ RiotStar. Requests are sometimes possible, please leave a comment below!

Dress code: entirely optional, most folks come in jeans and tshirts, but your friendly organiser Jessica will be COMPLETELY overdressed as usual. She’s thinking femme this month. Which way will you swing?!






Greedy London Returns!

Greedy is back on Saturday 11th October 2014 at Bethnal Green Working Men’s club in their downstairs room, 10pm-2am.

We are London’s disco for all things bisexual.

Come down to dance, drink & socialise in the friendliest queer atmosphere in London.

Greedy is a bisexual-leaning club night where all are welcome, whether you identify as bi, use some other word (such as pansexual, fluid, flexible, curious etc.), are gender-fluid/trans*/androgynous or identify as straight/gay/no label and just want to have a good time. We love the bis & ALL our allies!

With the mysterious & explosive DJ RiotStar on the decks, come boogie to the latest queer tunes. The Wall of the event is open for music requests and if you don’t get in there our DJ will default to GRRL Power, from modern ladypop-tastic to full on, female-led Riot Grrl post-punk!

Our venue has a small break-out room and smoking area if you need a rest from noise & dancing, which you may need since we carry on til 2am.

Dress code: dress to impress (if desired).
Door tax: £5

Click here for the Facebook event page.


Greedy: Comedown Cure Friday 26th July 2013


After the soaring heights of bisexual bliss that is BiCon, you’ll be needing to take the advice of your friendly organisers and sort out some fun bisexual activities to avoid  the happy bi times withdrawal symptoms. Avoid the BiCon comedown with Greedy, the certified comedown cure. If you missed out on BiCon then you’ll certainly be needing some more bi in your life because it’s been a whole month since the last Greedy!

Facebook event here


DJ Riot Star returns with riot pop, punk & electro; tunes to grind your teeth to. Swing those hips, shimmy those buttocks, sashay those doc martens and party ’til the lights come up with all our fabulous bi, pan, queer, gay, straight, trans, fluid & flexible friends.

Cheapest Friday night in London at £5 on the door, plus endless ways to get hold of £1 off flyers, including the venue’s FB page, London Bisexual Meetup, Poly Women’s Meetup & Bisexual Underground.

From 9pm-2am ***STRICTLY No entry after midnight*** People were turned away last time!

Music: we keep it low for the first two hours so you can hear yourselves think, then ramp it up for full-on romping. Dress code: feel fantastic in what you’re wearing! Jeans and hoodies a must, though for those of us that like to be more elaborate… the world is your  oyster and heart-shaped red stage has your name on it.

Put the date in your diary, use it or lose it.

We are Greedy: now with 100% more genders.

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Greedy June is Loud and Proud!

This Saturday 29th June is London Pride and Greedy London is the official bisexual afterparty. From 10 til 2 our DJ will be blasting out rock and pop power anthems to get us in the mood; this is the day for being proud to be the many and varied versions of bi and queer that we are.  Only 5 quid entry to rock out with the friendliest, most diverse crowd of queer folks in all of gay-land. Let’s paint the town purple! Queers, trans*, curious, flexible, furious, friends & allied folk all very welcome.



Greedy: Unicorn’s Revenge! The club night for the adventurous, the curious, the flexible and the multiple; this is London’s only night for bi/pan/omnisexual people, homo and hetereo flexibles, the “I don’t believe in labels” peeps, the bicurious and the bifurious. Plus all our straight, trans and queer friends and allies.

There will be a DJ, dancing, drinking, talking & dating until the wee hours and most especially dressing up in your finest and craziest outfits.

 Come along to the only place in London where you walk into a room and everyone assumes you’re bi.



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